Captain’s Sports World Archive

Tidbits of Info on the NFL and Beyond (Sept. 2011)
Thoughts on Week 2 NFL Action (Sept. 2011)
A Sports Fans NFL Preview, In Big Bright Lights (Sept. 2011)
NFL Conference Championship (Plus Podcast) (Jan. 2011) 
Week 13 Football Picks (Dec. 2010) 
Alot to be Thankful For & Week 12 Picks (Nov. 2010) 
Week 9 Football Picks (Nov. 2010) 
Week 8 Football Picks and Power Rankings (Oct. 2010)
Week 7 Football Picks (Oct. 2010)  
Week 5 Picks (Oct. 2010) 
The “Brett Favre Ruined My First Attempt at an NFL Preview” NFL Preview (Aug. 2010) 

2011 NBA Draft Live Coverage (June 2011)
NBA Finals- Game Five Running Diary (June 2011) 
NBA Finals: Legacies On The Line (May 2011) 
NBA Playoffs… With A Hangover (May 2011)
20 Questions NBA Playoffs Style (Apr. 2011) 
NBA Friday Night Diary (Feb. 2011) 
I Know, I Think I Know, I Don’t Know (Jan. 2011) 
The Return (Dec. 2010) 
LeBron and Week 10 Picks (Nov. 2010) 
2010 NBA Preview- Part Two (Oct. 2010) 
2010 NBA Preview- Part One (Oct. 2010)
You’re Going to Hate That I Love the Heat (Aug. 2010)
2010 NBA Free Agency (June 2010) 
2010 NBA Draft (June 2010)
Cheering for the Celtics (May 2010) 
Disbelief, Confusion, and Anger (May 2010) 
Ridiculous NBA Predictions (Oct. 2009)

College Basketball
16 Teams Remain, 1 Future Favorite Team (Podcast Below) (Mar. 2011) 
Updated Bracketology (Feb. 2011) 
The Hypothetical College Basketball All-Star Game (Feb. 2011) 
First Bracketology (Feb. 2011)
College Basketball Preview and Week 11 Picks (Nov. 2010) 
March Madness Diary (Mar. 2010)
The Madness of March (Mar. 2010) 
Bracketology 5 (Mar. 2010) 
Bracketology 4 (Feb. 2010)
Bracketology 3 (Feb. 2010)
Bracketology 2 (Feb. 2010)
Gotta Love Bracketology! (Feb. 2010) 

College Football
Time To Go Bowling (Dec. 2010) 
Week 3 Picks and a Ban of BCS Activity (Sept. 2010)
Monster Saturday Running Diary Part 3 (Sept. 2010) 
Monster Saturday Running Diary Part 2 (Sept. 2010) 
Monster Saturday Running Diary Part 1 (Sept. 2010)
A Monster Week Ahead (Sept. 2010) 
 Pop Culture
CM Punk: The Best In The World (July 2011) 
The Greatness of Boston Rob (May 2011)
Week 2 Football Picks and The Great American Cinema (Sept. 2010) 

Reality TV Podcast (Sept. 2011)
Variety Podcasts/Challenge Scores (July 2011) 
The Challenge Rivals Draft: Podcast/Results (June 2011)
NBA Playoffs/Draft Lottery Podcast (May 2011) 
NBA Playoff Podcast (Mid 1st Round) (Apr. 2011) 
Millionaire Weekend Podcast (Apr. 2011) 
Captain’s Corner Tournament Preview Podcast (Mar. 2011) 
Charlie Sheen and College Basketball Podcast (Mar. 2011)
Bracketology Podcast (Feb. 2011) 
New Podcast (Feb. 2011) 
Super Bowl Mega Podcasts Part One and Two (Feb. 2011) 
College Basketball Podcast (Jan. 2011) 
Jersey Shore Podcast (Jan. 2011) 
Week 16 NFL Podcast (Dec. 2010) 
Bowl Preview Podcast and Confidence Picks (Dec. 2010) 
Captain’s Corner (Dec. 2010) 
Week 14 NFL Picks Podcast (Dec. 2010)
Podcast with Phil Ostroski (Dec. 2010)
Podcast Update (Nov. 2010) 

Other Sports
The Rubber Match: Stucko/Giuliano III (July 2011)
A Golf Getaway (July 2010)
2010 World Cup (June 2010)

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