What Is LaterNamed?

LaterNamed… what the hell does that mean?

To answer that question, you’d have to go back to mid-July 2011 when I decided that my “upstart writing career” needed a fresh start. For almost two years I’ve been blogging about my thoughts on the sports world and occasionally other topics as well (TV, Movies, Wrestling, etc.) I’ve spent hours predicting the winners of NFL games both in weekly columns and podcasts. I’ve tried my hand at becoming the next Joe Lunardi, releasing a weekly bracketology which is actually pretty routine once you get the hang of it. I’ve done work on NBA previews, game wrap-ups and running diaries that are thousands of words long. For the most part this is all because I legitimately enjoying writing about and evaluating sports. I’ve never really made a strong effort at getting my work recognized by an audience other than my Facebook friends or Twitter followers who can simply click on the link I post as my status anytime I write something new. Well, it’s time for that to gradually start changing.

The fact of the matter is someday I’d like to own a huge house with an indoor basketball court, a black Hummer and have enough money to be able to go whatever sporting events I want. After careful evaluation, I’ve realized that there are three ways to get there:
A. Find the shoes Lil Bow Wow wore in Like Mike so I can play in the NBA.
B. Go on Big Brother and win the $500,000 prize. Then win the All-Stars edition I get cast for. Then go on the Amazing Race with my buddy Collin Stucko and win the grand prize twice on that show too.
C. Work for ESPN.

Option A isn’t too reliable. Those shoes are probably really hard to find, plus they fit a 13 year old Lil Bow Wow really well, and I know my feet are bigger than his. Option B I will be shooting for in the summer of 2013 when I apply for the first time. And I can guarantee you that if I get into the Big Brother house I will be winning the show. That’s a sure thing. Option C is the reason I spend hours every week trying to write something worth reading. Option C is why I moved from New York to Florida, and would be willing to move to North Dakota if it meant I would be getting closer to getting there. Plus option C would be totally awesome. You can’t forget about that little nugget.

So when I was sitting in my room contemplating a new blog in mid-July, I had a ton of things to consider. Was I going to be writing about the same stuff? Should I narrow it down and focus on just one topic, or should I write about even more stuff? What did I want it to look like? Where did I want it to be? And what should it be called? I whittled my way through all of those questions that I had asked myself until I got to the name. Then I was stuck.

At first it was Captain Charisma’s Chronicles… lame. Seriously, what was I thinking hijacking that nickname from WWE superstar Christian? That had to go, so I modified it to Captain’s Sports World. It let readers know what the blog was all about, plus I got to keep the nickname “The Captain.” That seemed perfect. But when I decided to take my talents from Blogspot to WordPress, I felt like I needed to retire the Captain nickname since nobody besides Collin Stucko calls me that. And like I said up above, a fresh start was necessary, and a fresh start means a fresh blog name. Over the next few days I racked my brain trying to come up with a witty yet appropriate name for a blog, but couldn’t come up with anything. I was tired of delaying work on my blog. I set up a username on WordPress, created a blog and once again came to the part where I was supposed to name it. Crap, still nothing. I needed something but had not even a slight idea of what I wanted.

I started picking out fonts, choosing page designs and bringing over everything I wrote on The Captain’s Sports World. Everything was completely finished by the end of August and I was ready to kick off the NFL season with a new blog… how exciting! Still, I had no name. I dismissed it for a few weeks and kept working on material for The Captain’s Sports World.

LaterNamed… what the hell does that mean?

I decided on Laternamed for two reasons. First, when it came time to submit my blog on WordPress, I needed a name in order to submit. Since I didn’t have a name I wanted at the time I thought to myself “Well, I’ll just name it later.” I typed in Later Named. Secondly, one night when I was sitting with my laptop trying to come up with a name for my new blog, the song “Where Are You Going” by the Dave Matthews Band came on my iPod. The song doesn’t have anything to do with writing or sports, but the first four words of the song got to me. Where are you going? I don’t know. I don’t know if someday I’ll be on Big Brother. I don’t know if I’m going to get my indoor basketball court and black Hummer. I don’t know if I’m going to have to go to North Dakota to be able to do what I want, but I’m willing to go wherever I have to and do whatever I have to do in order to get there. For now LaterNamed is where I’ll be writing. Later, it will be named ESPN.

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